Jan 19 2017

The End

After a few good years we’ve decided to call it quits.  Thanks to everyone that has supported us over the years through coming to our shows and buying or merch.  It’s been a hell of a ride.  Peace!


The Binz

This one is sure to be eggsellent.


Bishops Green will be headlining this New Years show with us (The Binz, in case you don’t know what site you’re on) along with Witchy Sister and Campfire Shitkickers.


Holy moley, right?!?  Kicks off at 9pm.



Like our merch but hate the music?  Then this is perfect for you!  Get all our cool stuff without having to come to a show!  And for those that were short on cash at a show but wanted to buy something, get your plastic out because it’s your lucky day!  We use paypal, which is apparently pretty secure, so get after it ya mugs!


Click here to go to the store and go nuts.

Hello, bonjour, whassup?

We’ve just announced four shows in September – check out the Shows page here!!

We’re crazy happy to be playing at some of our favourite venues including Logan’s, LanaLou’s and Gators Pub.

We’re also damn straight excited to be playing at this years Massif Music Festival in Nelson BC.  Check out the festival website here.

Feb 11 2016

Next show….

….will be at The Media Club!  It’s the Resolve Records launch party and we are damn happy to be a part of it.  This is being organized by none other than The Rocket From Russia!  Excellent!


Click here for the damn Facebook event page!